Coronavius: Amid a shortage of masks, these innovators are creating alternatives

mid the scramble to get protective gear for health workers on the coronavirus frontline, some are being forced to turn to more innovative solutions.

As countries grapple with a shortage of stock, throngs of engineers and 3D-printing enthusiasts have banded together to come up with their own solutions.

It comes after doctors have taken to social media to plead for equipment that is in short supply, from masks to face shields.

While much of the supplies that have been created are unregulated, these innovators are working under a single premise: that, in a crisis, alternatives are better than nothing at all.

As governments work to ramp up production of protective gear, Euronews spoke with three of these innovators: a high school student, the head of an engineering company and a teacher, who have been 3D printing their own versions of protective equipment.


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